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February 9, 2018

Georgia has been working so hard in gymnastics.  She's had all her splits for a long time. (This picture isn't very good because the acorns/pecans on the ground hurt her knees)  It takes her awhile to work up the courage to do a new skill on her own.  Her list has gotten longer though.  Front hand spring (on the trampoline), back bend, hand stand to bridge, is SO close to landing her front flip on the trampoline, front kick over on the bar, one handed cartwheel...I'm so proud of her.
I finally finished this for the second time.  It's such a good book but so heartbreaking so the end to me a few days longer because I knew what was coming.
Milam does not care for veggies.  At all.  (Because Georgia was way too good of an eater right off the bat so I had to get one that was a little more picky.  I tooted my horn to much about her eating habits.  It was bound to happen...even though we fed him the exact same way as her!) BUT, if I let him help me cook then he is 10x more likely to eat them...probably because he thinks he's being bad by sneaking a bite...sneak all the bites of broccoli you want...I won't stop you!
This kid y'all!  She is growing a rapid rate.  It is mind boggling!  I already mentioned it before but she's achieving so much at such a rapid rate.
 Leo is from HERE and shorts are from HERE
Milam creepin' on the neighbors.  One of the few perks to our ugly fence.
My mom got Milam a lawn mower for Christmas.  He's been putting it to good use!  He likes to get the little gas can and pretend to fill it up and pull the little cord.  So fun to watch him play and pretend.
Lawn mower from HERE
Obviously loving his swing...this is the one and only item I have bought from a vendor on the side of the road.  Pretty good purchase.
Being sneaky and getting into trouble as always.
Showing the lawn crew next door his lawn mower.  Poor sweet boy just stood there and held it up showing them just hoping they would see it.  I'm guessing they didn't.
The weather here has been so gross.  We went to the mall the other day just to get out of the house and walk.  We literally went into zero stores.  We just mall walked.  We did the entire first floor and second floor.
 Her bow is from HERE and jacket is HERE
Came home to watch Harry Potter (2)
Had a mom and Georgia date at some point to Chiller Bee.  A local fav.
Again, I had Milam help make a salad...and what do you know...he's eating lettuce!  He's such a stinker!  All of us munched on the salad so much there was none left to put on our actual plates.  We love bagged salad so much.  This was Caesar but my other favorite is the Asian one with ginger dressing. Yum. Yum.
 I did a spa day with Georgia.  Bath salts and oils and facials. We tried THESE but I really want to try THESE as well!
Sundays are for church and obnoxious amounts of matching because it makes me so happy!  It's just a small joy I have in life.
I baked the other day and gave Milam a scoop of cookies dough.  He was hooked.  Momma liked it too...I actually hid it from myself in the deep freeze in the garage.  Maybe that will stop all my nibbling.
Y'all! He can make this face.  Took him a few days to get it.  Georgia is 6.5 and she can't do it.  It makes her so jealous! so funny!
This smile.  Ahh.  So. CUTE!
I made "Olympic Ring" cookies this week because we really love the Olympics at our house.  I had a bunch of extras and the kids enjoyed munching on them while we waited for their dad to get home.
It gets dark so early still but we love to get out of the house after dinner so we loaded up after dinner and went to Pet Smart instead of our usual post dinner walk. 
Milam is in such a fun (and frustrating) stage.  He thinks he can do everything the rest of us can and gets really upset when he finds that not to be the case but, he still has my heart.
It's finally friday in what has been the longest week ever!  We are gearing up for the Olympics and getting G sent off to her grandparents.  Although this weather is putting a huge damper on my work life I'm enjoying the extra time at home!

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