Goodness, Y'all!

February 16, 2018

Did I title my previous post, "Back in the Swing of Things"?!  Obviously, I was just kidding.

I ended my previous post that Georgia was headed off to her grandparents house.  I even posted on Instagram about how much I missed her.  Which is actually odd, I mean I miss her but not like I did this time.  I really really missed her.  The next day Jonathan's mom called me and said she had 102 fever.  Oh goodness.  Seriously.  She was sick mid November (flu and strep), sick again in early January (croup), and now she had step again.  Mind you her and I had food poisoning as well and she had that bout of constipation.  Only one of these times has she been sick during regular doctor's hours. She missed 5 days of school (even though she could have gone back after 3) for the flu, one for constipation, and now one for strep.  She had never even had strep before and now she's had it twice.  It's been an insane winter for us.  Typically she is sick about twice a year but the past two times she's had the flu she's had smaller illnesses afterwards.  I've talked to several doctors and they think it's all perfectly normal since she does have 6-8 month periods of no illness but y'all I'M TIRED and I analyze everything she does.  I'm on pins and needles just wondering if she's sick again.  Please pray for health for the Powell family in the rest of 2018.  2016 and 2017 were just too easy I guess ;)

Georgia watched the Olympics with her grandparents.  She loved the dancing Korean women, she celebrated when the USA walked in, and was excited to see the country of Georgia as well!
On Saturday, Jonathan and I ran errands with Milam.  This entire section of balloons was a huge hit.
 It's rodeo season so Milam needs new boots.  I really wish he would leave a hat on because it is just so dang cute!
He also played in a puddle in our backyard.  It was a lot colder and a lot deeper than we had anticipated but he had a great time.  He kept saying, "wa-wer, wa-wer!"  (Water)  Initially Jonathan said no but I said why not?!
When Georgia got home saturday afternoon she was acting totally fine (strep was really odd this time because her fever would come and go) and playing with Milam.  He was jumping on our bed and busted his lip on the love seat at the end of our bed.  It bled a bit and started swelling pretty quickly.  The next morning his entire mouth was pretty swollen but it went down by mid day.

Milam woke up very early (probably because his face hurt) on Sunday and I took Georgia to urgent care where she was diagnosed and got antibiotics.  Her fever coming and going was strange to me so I thought it may be an infection rather than a virus.  I think she's only had antibiotics 3 times in her over 6.5 years.
Georgia went back to school on Tuesday and Jonathan had to work late.  Y'all.  Milam is insane and so clever.  He uses his play chairs and our breakfast room chairs to get whatever he wants.  Nothing is out of his reach.  I couldn't find a rope so I used an extension cord and wrapped it around and through the chairs.  I was just so over it.  He drags the chairs all over the parts of the house that don't have carpet and wreaks havoc on the house.  Pulls dirty dishes out of the kitchen sink.  Gets into all the drawers.  Gets on tables.  It's ridiculous. As of right now he hasn't used the formal dining room chairs.  Please no.
Wednesday was Valentine's day.  The kids got treats in the morning and Jonathan made us fettuccine and bought flowers and dessert.
This year she had the most obnoxious star wars valentine's day box and took Harry Potter Valentines.  She's so funny.
Thursday Georgia's class won a pajama day for having the most box tops in first grade. Also, Milam has learned to open our back gates and climb our ugly fence.  It's real fun.
Friday was hair cut day!  Finally!  I had battling this really bad dry skin issue about the size of a quarter on the very back of my head.  I told my hair dresser I didn't want her to see it because it looked so bad so I had just been putting off a hair cut...for over 6 months.  On Friday me and Georgia and Milam all went and got hair cuts.  YAY.  (That means I finally tackled the hair issue.  Neutrogena T-gel max strength and then applying coconut oil after each wash to the area)

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