Train of Thought from December

February 21, 2018

I wrote this back in December and then forgot to post it.

It's 80 degrees and I have on a sweater just so there is less surface area for mosquitoes to get's December.  And I have on Off.  They are literally swarming me just so my kid can play outside. He is covered in Off too.

If every mosquito suddenly dropped dead would that affect any sort of ecosystem? Would bats notice? Can we add more bats so they can eat the mosquitoes? How much of a bat's diet comes from mosquitoes?  Again, it's December.

Is it just me or have they gotten faster?!  They used to be so easy to kill and now not so much...have I gotten slower?

And fire ants? Why does Conroe grow so many fire ants and mosquitoes? Would any one/thing notice if all the fireant died suddenly? Do they really do anything? Do they have a real purpose other than biting me and my children?

My cat is so worthless.  She's an outdoor cat to kill snakes, rats, moles, mice...the like.  She literally does nothing.  I've seen one rat that she's killed and a few birds and squirrels.  She's killed a mole before.  Never that I've seen has she killed a snake...the real reason we got her.  Totally pointless.

It is cute when Milam says, "cat" and "meow" thought but I'm not sure if it's worth having a waste of a cat though.

I'm so over pets right now.  My pets need to do something for me.  They need to be productive citizens at my house.  Our dog is worthless number one.

Did I ever mention our last chicken died? I'm over them.  Jonathan and Georgia aren't so we will be getting more and they are productive but still...couldn't have said worthless cat above have protected them a little better from snakes and whatever else was killing them off one by one (except that one time it killed two at a time)?! I hate it.

I also hate that you can't edit your InstaStories.  Yes, I see when I have typos.  Yes, I know they're there.  Yes, I want to fix them.  You can't fix them so you just have to delete them.  Ugh.

I have a hard time being a photographer because a lot of things about my profession bother me.  Such as the terms, "creatives".  Like, "we are a group of creatives".  Cultivate and curate also really bother me because sometimes (a lot of times) I feel like people are trying to hard.  But, that's just me.  Please don't hate me.

And, let's end with a picture of my beautiful bitty boy just because

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