Week in the Life - 11

March 26, 2018

The end of Spring Break and back to school!

We ended our spring break at home and tried to relax before getting back to our school routine.  Come on summer!

Georgia wanted to spend the night with her grandparents in our neighborhood.  They took her to a sunday school party and I've heard she was quite the hit.  She even got to be the magician's assistant for a good 10 minutes or so and won a free magic kit.  So fun.  You guys who do this parenting gig without family help.  Props to you because we are surely spoiled here. (PS THIS Beanie Boo dog is named "Georgia" and is her current fav for obvious reasons)
 We bought 8 new chicks.  All our chickens were killed by an unknown animal so we are starting over and beefing up security around here.
 Georgia named her chickens after Harry Potter characters.  We had to change the names to suit girls.  Chickens are all girls :)
 Our family loves Mexican food and both our kids LOVE to cook so cook we let them.  We use THESE knives and the kids feel SO big.  It's great.
If you've followed the past few months you know Milam doesn't like veggies or anything green. (I complain on Insta a lot about it @MrsEmilyPowell) BUT, when we let him help cook he eats whatever we're cooking...not while it's on his tray but while he thinks he's being naughty at the counter.  I don't care though.  He'll get it soon enough and in the mean time I'm happy to clean up the mess while he eats his veggies.

In addition to getting the chicks to raise for the eggs I also use them for my Easter photo shoots.  I was booked solid this year!

On Sunday it was church as usual.  Although today two of Georgia's teachers came and told me, "I should be so proud of her" because all of her answers were so great and she was really understanding the lesson.  And I am.  I am so so proud of her.
 "Mom, brother looks like he put his body in a trashcan"
Yeah, he kind of always looks like that...
 We had a cooking challenge.  Georgia made some sort of brownie tower.  We all chowed down on it.  Lots of sprinkles though...haha.
On Monday Georgia went back to school and Milam and I went to MOPS.  A good time was had by all.  In MOPS we made "cookie kits" in mason jars and since I'm trying to keep my kids out of the horrible pollen outside we made those cookies soon after Georgia got home.
Milam is going through a really clingy momma phase. (Which Georgia never EVER did)  He's cutting three teeth and his allergies are terrible but I can't give him a decongestant because he's bitty so he has a runny nose and is drooling a lot and only wants me to hold him.  Just me.  It is the sweetest thing because he says momma a hundred times and reaches for me with his chubby little arms and then I pick him up and he lays his head on my chest and pats my back with his fat little hands.  It is frustrating at times because my arms get physically tired but I know in my heart it won't last long and I'll think about his head on my chest when he's big.  He acts like you're physically harming him if you keep him from me.  Doesn't want Jonathan and my mom was home the other day while I was out to be with Milam when he got up from his nap.  She said as soon as he saw her he refused to get out of bed and just kept telling her no.  He did not want her and it took him about 20 minutes to let her get him out of bed.
Honestly life is a bit crazy right now and I feel like me and the kids and Jonathan are all just coming and going in all different directions.  My mom watched the kids on Wednesday so I could go to the doctor, again on Thursday so I could volunteer at church, and again on Friday so I could host a baby shower in Dallas.  I also started the laundry before I left to take G to school so I left the house to do car rider line in this sweet outfit.  House shoes.  Fuzzy socks.  Christmas pants.
I'm too tired and too drained to even think about Easter (slacker).  We have our clothes for Easter sunday and that's about it.  Plus my face hurts from sinus pressure so there's that.  
I got home on Saturday and tried to get Milam in bed while G and J were running errands.  He climbed out of bed twice and was wheezing he was crying so hard.  Hoping it was because I was putting him down (because Jonathan normally does) and the momma anxiety was just too much since I had been out of town.  I did look somewhat decent at the shower...
Sunday was Palm Sunday.  I stayed home because I wasn't feeling fantastic but my kids looked adorable wearing their Easter clothes from last year...with their baby chick.
I did bluebonnet sessions while the kids when to a Spring Fest at our church.  Jonathan brought them by after so I could snag their pics.  Milam also started running a low grade fever so hopefully that gets resolved quickly.  All four of us are coughing and have runny noses.  Hoping his hasn't turned into a sinus/ear infection while he's cutting three teeth.
Happy Monday :/

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