Jackson Hole - Summer 2018

July 19, 2018

We were in Jackson Hole visiting my dad's new house for four days.  It took us two days to drive there and then two days to drive home.

On the way there we drove through Wichita Falls and Amarillo and stayed in New Mexico for the night.  The next day we went through Denver and then onto Wyoming with our favorite stop being, "Little America".

It loaded my pictures in this section all out of order and I'm too lazy to fix it.

The first day we did Jackson Hole and Teton Village.  Even the peak season there are not too many people. It's nice and the weather is perfect.
Day two was spent dealing with Milam having altitude sickness which appeared to just be pure misery for his little body.  It was also 4th of July and when you're surrounded by towns of 500 people everything is closed.  We eventually found a drug store 1.5 hours away (one way, into Idaho) that had the meds we needed for him.  My dad and I just drove around all day.  Literally.  Well, we drove around.  Went to a Fourth of July parade with Georgia and my step mom, and then drove around some more.
Day three we went to Grand Teton National Park and did some hiking with the most breathtaking views.

Day four we drove to Granite Hot Springs.  Tough drive but so much fun.
The next day we packed it up early and headed home...took another two days of course and by the time we got home we were so ready to be back in our beds.


Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

I want to do Jackson Hole and Grand Teton in the next few years so bad! My dad is from Wyoming so I was there all the time growing up (we were only about 45 minutes away in CO), but I've never been to Jackson Hole. My uncle lived there for awhile and I've wanted to go ever since. I've heard it's amazing! Does your Dad live there full time now or just a vacation house?

Callie said...

Wow, you got such gorgeous pictures! I love Jackson Hole, it was one of my favorite vacations. We'll be going back for sure!

Emily Powell said...

Natalie, he bought the home for vacation. He is retired and my step mom is a teacher so they plan on living there full time in the summer :)

Callie, we loved it! Will be back for sure!


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