EMILY READS & Goals {Quarter Four}

January 4, 2019

The final quarter! How did I do with both my goals and reading?

My goals went how I thought it would.  I pretty much kept all of my new daily goals which I'm really excited about.  BUT, I knew my monthly goals would not stay on track because I can't predict when we'll get sick, or be out of town, or things like that so I just knew those would be harder but I didn't want to be a slave to it.

My business/financial goals went really well!  I was really trying to decide if I wanted to expand my business or just stay as is but I'm expanding and it had gone really great.

Because of Audible reading went a lot better than I thought it would go.

Wuthering Heights
I really thought I would like this but I didn't.  It was so full of hate and wrongs and so confusing to read.  The names were all similar and the story line was super hard for me to follow.

By October I had read 12 books.  My goal was to read one a month so I've done that by numbers.  Some months I haven't finished any books and other months I've done more than one so I guess it all works out.

Red Queen (Book 1 of 4)
I read (listened) to this book really quickly...as in, two days.  It was over 12 hours long.  The first day I did 3.5 hours and listened to the rest of the book on day two.  It was so easy to listen to and to follow.  The voice of the reader wasn't my favorite but the story was interesting...especially after Bronte and Hemingway.  It is YA but I just like YA so don't hate me for it.  The gist of the book is a dystopian society (which my husband got me into) and change brought around by one girl.  Kind of like Hunger Games.  If you liked Hunger Games (I did but I only saw the movies) then you would like this.  This is book 13 when my goal was 12 so yay for being an over achiever ;)

Glass Sword (Book 2)
King's Cage (Book 3)
Hard to distinguish books 2 and 3 in my mind because I listened to them back to back.

War Storm (Book 4)
The ending was lack luster but it was still a good book.

Cruel Crown (Novellas that go with Red Queen)
I didn't really care for this one.

SEVENTEEN books read this year...or listened to on Audible!

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