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October 28, 2009

Yesterday was my birthday! I'm 24 and feel VERY OLD!

Here is what I have gotten for my b-day so far.

Cord Covers as seen here in the office and on my Wednesday Want list. I ordered them myself but they were still part of my gift ;)

Two books. "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" was one of my favorite childhood books and since the movie has come out I've talked about wanting to go see it. The second book Jonathan just thought was funny and after reading it, it really is!

I love Sock Monkeys so Jonathan got me this one. He is so cute and sits in our middle bedroom. Perry wants to play with him SO bad!

Of course, I wrote about these earlier. My Stella and Dot rings, to see if I wanted to have ones made to go with my engagement ring.

Jonathan also bought me PJ's. I love them. People always get me pajamas because I wear them so often. Even one of my friends got me some this year!

Another one of my friends got me these earrings. I love them and I am wearing them right now! I got a lot of other good stuff when I had my b-day party with the girls...some pretty funny stuff and a super cute horse shoe "good luck" necklace.

Jonathan's parents got me a Baylor diploma frame I've been wanting.

Let's see...Jonathan and I went to dinner last night, we're going to eat with my dad tonight, and I'll see more family on Saturday. It's been a good birthday.


Lyndsey said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like it was a good one! And just wait until next year, my brother said hitting 25 is depressing ha! I am NOT looking forward to that.

katie said...

happy birthday!!

thefonesfamily said...

Happy Birthday! Your rings are really cute!


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