Not a Typical Tuesday

October 20, 2009

So, tonight is educators night at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. Jonathan and I are going and I'm pretty excited. We always come away with a lot of goodies plus professional development credit which is nice.

I'm sure I'll be posting pictures from this event!

This week feels like it is going by rather quickly which is GREAT because I get to see my LOVES (click LOVES to read a bit about each fabulous friend) this weekend. I saw Megan last month but I haven't seen Jaclyn or Ashley in 7 months! This is totally ridiculous and WILL NEVER happen again. My heart breaks thinking about it. These 3 girls were my life at Baylor (besides my beautiful, and wonderful in every way, Theta Family) and I miss them more than I can say... :( Friday night will be a lovely reunion and I can't wait!

Ashley & I (senior year and kicking butt at foosball)

Megan & I (freshman year doing some community service)

Jaclyn & I (sophomore year...being lame)

Christmas cards we sent out. Cute, I know!

I also got a few things off of my wish list in the mail today! YAY!

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