Terrific Tuesday

October 6, 2009

Today is Tuesday and the first day of the week I've had students. Just that alone makes it a good week. The thermometer in my classroom says it is 72 degrees. The lowest I ever put it on at our house is 75 and I still get cold. I have no control over the thermostat and I freeze at work!

Jonathan and I had a contractor come out today to give us a price quote and to show us some samples of granite...so that was fun. I can't wait to have it actually installed. It will look so much nicer. Especially since Jonathan and I are hosting Thanksgiving this year. YAY!

I think I am going to finish decoration for fall this coming friday...maybe bake some more!

...totally boring post. Sorry.

Here is a picture of me trying to type this post. He just jumped in my lap and I thought it was funny so I used the little webcam built in on the computer to snap this really quickly. I look gross I know...I just got home from work!

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