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October 5, 2009

I know this is lame but I think it made a huge difference. My mom bought me like 20 chargers (yeah, there is a lot of them) and I put 4 of them at my "fall" inspired table. I think they look great! Thanks mom!

This week I moved into my 2nd classroom (I rotate between schools) and it still looks so BLAH! I haven't received my teaching materials at this school yet because it is brand new. It's fine really but they come with these really large art prints that I put on the walls and until I get them the room is just going to look a bit bare. I was told they should be in sometime this week though!

Here is a look at my nearly done entry way bench I've been working on. I distressed it this weekend and washed all the dust off of it so now it is ready for the clear coat so the paint wont keep coming off.

Last night Jonathan installed the roman shades in the front bedroom. They look great! He did a fantastic job...now I just need some paint and curtains in there!

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katie said...

love the bench! beautiful house!


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