Thoughtful Thursday

October 15, 2009

Here's a thought for today...why do schools need to be 70 degrees? Really, let's pump it up a few degrees because honestly I am FREEZING everyday at work. Tomorrow, I am wearing a parka! (Maybe not...)
and another thought...does anyone find it ironic that for Child Nutrition Month here in Humble ISD a Pie Sale was decided upon as a fundraiser in honor of Child Nutrition...really???

Ok, onto something actually worthy of typing.

Quote for today:

I did have another quote by Martin Luther but decided to change it up a bit but honestly, I can never get too much Martin Luther.

"God's gifts put man's best dreams to shame" --Elizabeth Barrett Browning

...oh, how true that is.

Hope you're having a lovely Thursday.

1 comment:

Leslee said...

Hey miss tv star! Do you know I see you on Hot on Homes almost EVERY Sunday? I told my hubby that I know you...he thinks I'm lying. lol Thanks for the comments. The story about your mom is amazing. :)


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