Wednesday Want...and more

October 14, 2009

Wednesday Want:

Cord cover from I'll take 2 please. I have some unsightly cords that need to be covered! And, believe it or not these were priced the best and exactly what I needed!

The office before. Everything was pretty much under the window because that is where the cable guy put the Internet cord...ugh and it's been driving me crazy ever since we moved in. I've wanted to move things around for awhile and finally did it last night.

Here is the after. These are two terrible pictures I merged into one picture so it is TERRIBLE quality but you get the idea. I still need to buy cord covers and come up with a better solution for the printer but I'm thinking I like this set up much better than before. It still needs some tweaking though before I LOVE it. The picture looks way more cluttered, due to the double imaging of some areas, (chair and bookshelf) than it really is.

Funny quote for the day: discussion in 1st grade of what "nature" is. This conversation often brings up funny / God responses. Remember this post?

1st grader: "Man made is not nature. Nature is God made."

Me: "Yes, exactly"

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