Weekend at a Glance

October 4, 2009

My husband is a football coach so I spend Thursday nights (freshman games) and Friday nights (varsity games) alone! I assumed that I would go to his games because the stadium is literally in our neighborhood but I don't. At the freshman games he is coaching and can't talk. I went to one freshman game to try to catch him for like 1 second to ask him a question and was given a death stare and at the varsity games he is in the press box doing video and stats. I don't really feel like sitting and watching a game all alone with a bunch of strange high school kids running around me. On Thursdays he gets home around 11 and on Fridays he gets home anywhere from 3-4 (in the morning) depending on how much video needs to be done after the game and where the game was. Coming from a person who is TERRIFIED to be home alone and equally (if not more) scared of the dark Thursday nights and especially Friday nights are torture for me. I close all of the blinds and try to forget I'm scared by watching Chelsea Lately (LOVE her). Also, Jonathan takes the computer to the games (because his school sucks and won't buy another laptop to input video...LAME) so I can't even distract myself with the Internet. Anyhow, to keep my self busy this Friday I baked! Yummy, homemade danish! I made chocolate for me and strawberry for Jonathan.

Moving on to Saturday. We went to a surprise birthday party for a friend. It was a lot of fun and we ate WAY too much yummy Mexican food!

Today was the Greek Festival in Houston and the Birthday Girl (from the surprise party mentioned above) wanted to go today after church and of course Jonathan and I were totally down. Too bad the weather didn't want us to go so we ate at a Greek restaurant instead. Food was good but the service could have been better...as in we waited for our food for about an hour


Lyndsey said...

Bummer about the Greek Fest but those danishes look YUM!

katie said...

super impressive that you made danishes! being at home alone at night is the worst- good thing you have the worlds cutest puppy to keep you company!


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