Chandelier Part I

November 25, 2009

I really want to hang a chandelier above our antique chair in the living room and I saw these on for only 49.99. What a great deal! But, they only come in yellow and blue and while those are the 2 colors in my living room I wasn't looking for that much of a statement piece...our walls are bold enough already! So, I got to thinking...these look just like those builder grade brass chandeliers I see for sale on all the time but just painted. I could totally do that!

So I found this one for 20 bucks. When Jonathan and I went to pick it up the house it was coming from was HUGE and little did we know this baby was ALL BRASS so it weights about 50 lbs! It was not a builder grade chandelier but it was just ugly because I don't like brass. We decided this one has to take the place of the chandelier in the bathroom because it is already wired for a light fixture and is reinforced to hold the weight. Where we were going to put it above the chair, we were just going to hang it from the ceiling and have it be a candlier but it would fall out of the sheet rock because it would be too heavy. Anyhow, so the one in the bathroom is really light weight so it will be repainted to go in the living room.

Here is a detail. All the curves are actually birds...pretty cool. We didn't notice that detail until we got home.

Here is the first phase of painting I did last night.

Off to paint some more...and to go to the dentist. :( Then I am DIYing a fun wreath!

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jamie said...

I'm so jealous! Ive always wanted to do this... so far it looks great!!!


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