The Doctor

November 13, 2009

So, today I went to the Dr. because of allergy problems the past 3 or so days. I go in and get my vitals and the nurse thinks there is something wrong with the machine taking my pulse and blood pressure because it says my pulse is 140 (tachycardia). I told her I did feel like my heart was beating kind of fast so she brought in a different machine and it read my pulse as 137. This is what your heart rate should be if you are running or working out not sitting for over an hour. Of course they get worried (so I get worried) and ask me if there is any reason why it would be high. I told them I took a 12 hour Zyrtec-D about 10 hours earlier but that was it and I have used those several times and never had a problem. The Dr. is still worried so I get an EKG. They hook up all of those cords to my chest, ribs, and abdomen and watch my heart activity on the chart. By this time it had gone down to about 94 which is still high but WAY better. They concluded that I am allergic to pseudoephedrine which is a decongestant and a stimulate. Apparently is stimulates my heart a little too much (scary) so I won't be taking that anymore...they gave me a shot and a prescription instead and sent me on my way.

In other doctor news my thyroid medication has been upped because 50mg was too low so now I'm at 75mg FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! Yes, I have to take this medicine for the rest of my life! My thyroid levels before the medicine were 7.15. With 50mg a day they were down to 4.78 so hopefully with 75mg they'll be down to under 3 and I won't have to get anymore blood work done...ugh! On the plus side: I stay full longer, I don't snack as much, I don't get dizzy or black out EVER, I'm not sleepy all the time, and I have more energy. Apparently my under active thyroid (hypo) doesn't work hard enough so other parts of my body over compensate making my TSH (thyroid) levels high. It barely makes sense to me...I had to look up hypothyroidism on WebMD and was still kind of confused.

I wish I was a naturally healthy person...

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