New Granite!

November 14, 2009

Here is how it went getting granite:

The fitting - They rescheduled 2 times! First sign to Jonathan and I that this was not going to go as smoothly as we thought.

( body calls for weeks!)

YAY! They're coming in a few days so I take off of work because they say they'll be there from 8-11 for demo. I waste a whole day and they show up AFTER Jonathan gets home from work at around 4! When I called them they said that's when our appointment was, no it wasn't! If that had been when our appointment was neither Jonathan or I would have taken off of work because we're both home by them. So, I wasted a day for nothing. Then, the demo guy asks me why our sink isn't taken, I don't know. You're the demo guy YOU take it out. Well, apparently Jonathan and I were supposed to have it taken out before hand which Home Depot NEVER told us! Then, I tell the demo guy to remember we are keeping our back splash and he says he can't do that. WHAT THE HELL!? When we paid for the granite they assured us keeping the back splash would be fine. When they came to fit the granite they told us it would be no problem. Now they don't seem to remember saying that. UGH! Home Depot says their not responsible if it is damaged and the contractors say they (and their company because Home Depot hire out their work) are not responsible either...just lovely! Of course, the back splash is broken in 3 places BUT the pieces broken were recovered and my wonderful husband replaced them seamlessly so he didn't have to have another war with words over the phone. (he can get angry at jerky people like the Home Depot guys so since he could fix it himself we avoided that headache) The install day was pretty uneventful and now, after all of that...we have a BEAUTIFUL new kitchen!

Let's take a look at the progress!




We're really happy it's done but will think twice before we use Home Depot again

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Lyndsey said...

it looks great! but wow what a nightmare...we'll remember never to use home depot for any installations! good grief!


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