November 7, 2009

Jonathan added some trim to our ugly builder grade mirror last night. I pretty much hate anything builder grade and am slowly getting rid of all of it. Last night, we took on the mirror and doesn't it looks so much more...tailored?! I think so. Way to go Jonathan! (Side note: I wanted to go with 2 mirrors instead of one large one but since we only have one sink it would just never look right. I really wish that the couple who originally were building this house would have selected double sinks...it wasn't a deal breaker just would have been nice!)

Today we are leaving to go to Mansfield (Dallas area) for Jonathan's nephew's baby dedication. It will be nice to see his sister, brother in law, and his (I know they're OUR nephews but I say "his" or "mine" to show what side of the family they are on) nephews, Zakary and Caleb.

Then, Wednesday and Thursday we're having our granite installed! YAY! Just in time for the FOUR events we'll be having at our home in the next 2 months!


Ali said...

Hey! if you dont mind me asking where did you get the border for the mirrors??? I would love to do this to ours and have looked at many different ways to makes these boring mirrors look bettter. How much do you think the project cost you?

Thanks for the help!

Emily Dupuis Powell said...

Hey Ali, Blogger would not let me see your profile or blog so if you ever check this post again I hope you see this. The project cost us less than 30 dollars for trim and paint both from Home Depot. It was super easy and super fast!

Jennifer said...

Hi. Visiting from Young House Love. Did you buy a kit for this project or did you just use wood trim? How did you attach it to the mirror? Glue? I would love to do this to our mirror, too.


Danielle and Clint said...

Great job! Isn't it great figuring out these tips!

Emily Dupuis Powell said...

Hey Jennifer, (I hope you read this b/c blogger would not let me see your blog)

We did not use the kit. My sister in law actually used the kit and after a few weeks in the bathroom it fell off! We bought the trim and had it pre-cut at Home Depot. Before attaching the the trim my husband nailed a few shims to the wall around the mirror and then nailed the trim to the shims. That way nothing is attached to the mirror just around the mirror so we didn't break it. Hope this helps!

jen said...

we have this same mirror and i have measured it so many times and looked at trim just as many times at Home Depot to do this same thing -- looks so much better! you've inspired me to just get it done!


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