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November 22, 2009

This post is just a whole bunch of things from this weekend.

First are these cute owls. Apparently someone gave these to me when I was about 4 or 5 when I was at my grandmother's house. She didn't want me to lose them so they've been at her house ever since until today. She brought them by and said they were actually mine so I should have them. Aren't they cute?

Our first Thanksgiving of the season and at our new house was a hit! Here we are watching "Christmas Vacation" outside in our back yard! This was super fun and we made smores! YUM!

Here is the big table in the living room for extra seating since we had 20 adults, 2 kids, and a dog in the house. I covered the table in butcher paper (idea from here The World Fascinates Me),drew a huge tree and "Happy Thanksgiving" on the table, and then put out crayons to color with. It was fun!

Here we are at my Dad's book signing which went great!

Perry, and his HUGE bone. He was in puppy heaven!

I find this pretty funny! A student drew this of me. Notice my hair covering my eye...yeah, my hair was in a ponytail that day but I guess she would prefer it to be down. Also, notice the length of my pants...um, I don't wear high waters! Still cute though.

Here are a few second grade self portraits looking out a window. Some of them actually look like the students!

And, another baby hospital sign I made for my cousin's little one due in January.

That is all...since I have to work tomorrow AND TUESDAY! UGH!!!!

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Lyndsey said...

love the owls! are they bookends?? and i really like your hospital signs...you should totally make and sell them on etsy!


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