A Teacher's Down Time

November 16, 2009

Being an art teacher allows me a little more free time than a normal teacher. For example, I didn't have any classes today because I switch between two schools and am given a full day to switch when I go to my next school. Well, I am usually busy in my room setting up but it is just SO QUIET that I can't stand it so I get on United Streaming (web site with TONS of educational videos for your classroom) look up something I am interested in and then listen to the documentary while I work in my room...don't make fun. My school blocks EVERY music/radio web site so this is all I can do to break the silence on my free days.

Here are some of the documentaries I have watched.

Emily Dickinson

John Singer Sargent


Protestant Reformation
Martin Luther

The Bronte sisters

Renaissance Art

Jane Austen


Greek Art

Roman Art

Baroque Art

Thomas Jefferson

I actually enjoy it!

1 comment:

Lyndsey said...

united streaming is the best! my kids and i watch it all the time - it has all the magic school bus you could ever need, haha.

p.s. i hate you and your free days! i need to be an art teacher.


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