New at the Powell House

November 15, 2009

I added some new art work in the front guest room. The top one is from the Pompeii exhibit when it came through Houston. The bottom one I have posted before. It's from the art festival Jonathan and I went to.

I rearranged my plate wall and I really like how it turned out. Way more modern this way.

A sign I put up in the kitchen. The kitchen just needed a little more personality.

I also took one of the plates from the plate wall and put it next to the sink...again, the kitchen needed just a little something.

The awkward nook in hour house is now furnished. Finally! We want to turn it into an "office" area and we were going to do it with the granite install but since we used Home Depot and not a contractor we couldn't exactly get that done. So, for now this is whats there and I'm ok with it...for now.

Our fall wreath. I love our wreath hanger because it says "The Powells" but you can never see it because the flash covers it up.

I put three fabric covered canvases above the TV which I love. They look really great and it cost 9 bucks!

So, yes this week we did get granite but that wasn't enough for us...we had to do other home improvement / decorating as well. It just never ends.

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Lyndsey said...

nope, it never does! love the mirror in the "awkward nook"


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