Thanksgiving Traditions {New & Old}

November 6, 2009

Welcome all Kelly's Korner Visitors!

I have a lot going on during the holidays. My parents are divorced so that automatically equals two Thanksgivings but now that I am married I go celebrate with my husband's family as well so that is a total of 3 Thanksgivings (at least)!

My mom's side of the family always does Thanksgiving the Sunday before so that we get to spend the whole time together...since most of the cousins are married with kids it just makes it easier for us to do it before so our plans will not interfere with other parts of the family.

This year Thanksgiving is at mine and my husband's new house. My mom's Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving on my husband's side. Yes, our first year in this house we are hosting not one but TWO Thanksgivings. I'm slightly nervous but it will turn out great!

My husband and I are trying to spice things up a bit this year since it is at our house and all so, we setting up an outdoor movie to be enjoyed around the fire pit (hopefully we'll have good weather). For my family we will be showing my family's favorite holiday movie "Christmas Vacation" and for Jonathan's side we'll be showing the more family friendly "Elf".

We're pumped and having a trial run this weekend. We're setting the projector and speakers up outside and facing it towards a drop cloth that we are attaching to the fence. I'm pretty sure we're going to get stuff to make s'mores as well since we'll have the fire pitt set up! Yum! (This is the one we have. It was only about 50$ at Walmart!)

We are going to have several "areas" set up around the house to accomidate the large numbers. There is the dining room, the bar, there will be an eating area in the living room, a patio area, and the movie viewing area.

The menu usually consists of nearly every casserole known to man but it is the only time of year I eat casseroles so I deal with it. Green bean casserole, corn casserole, rice casserole. Plus, the usual turkey, dressing, and ham. We usually have tons of dips and desserts as well! YUM!

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noahandlylasmommi said...

Christmas Vacation is the best movie ever :0)


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