Wednesday Want

November 18, 2009

Jonathan and his mom are always talking about how they want to get a small RV. While they're having these conversations I make fun of them because I think RVs are so dorky. I told Jonathan we could get one if we got a Tumbleweed Home (Tumbleweed Houses) or an airstream. Well, since a Tumbleweed house is 40,000 dollars (at least) and the cheapest used airstream I could find on Ebay was 10,000 I don't think we'll be getting either anytime soon! I'm pretty bummed about the prices because they are both SO CUTE! Tumbleweed also makes real (non-mobile) floor plans as well! How cute would one be for a lake house? Jonathan's grandfather has land on Lake Livingston that he said he would give us (he said if we wanted to buy it we could have it for 1000$ and if he was dead when we wanted it we could just have it...ha!) so maybe one day.

Ahh...SO CUTE!

P.S. Funny RV story: On the way to the BU homecoming game I saw a HUGE RV with BU on the tire cover. I sped up next to it and saw the drivers were in their late 60's, honked my horn, and did the Sic'em sign to them...they laughed and honked back when they saw "Baylor" on the back of my car...ha ha! I love BU!

P.S.S Jonathan and I are thinking of getting me a German Shepard to make me feel safer when I'm home alone so, on this Wednesday I also want this beauty. An all white German Shepard!

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