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December 11, 2009


This is my second year as an art teacher and this has never happened before. You can do anything in my class and I will deal with it. Bark at me, yell at me, lick me (personally experienced all three) but please, please, PLEASE do not BARF if my class!

Oh, and was it EVERYWHERE! And, yes there is carpet in the art room...I know, it makes no sense. The custodian comes after about FIFTEEN minutes (I took my class outside) and she MOPS it up! Um, who mops CARPET?!?!

At least it is over now.

This particular kid had been out all week sick and the one day they send him back he throws up in my class and it was a third grader! He could have told me he didn't feel well...but no, that would have been to easy.

Venting over now...

In EXCITING news my friends and I are going to Fredericksburg for a girls weekend. We're leaving right after work and I am pretty darn PUMPED.

(I apologize for the massive amount of ALL CAP writing but desperate times call for CAPS)

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Jessica said...


Fredericksburg is going to be so neat...I have never been, but have always wanted too!


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