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December 10, 2009

This week I have been yelled at, called stupid, and barked at...all by students :/ I teach elementary art and it has been an interesting week. I have a video of the "barking" student but I'm sure some laws prohibit me from posting it...oh, I wish I could. Yes, I secretly video my bad classes. I love showing people how not picturesque elementary in public school is! BUT this letter from Elijah (age 6) to MacKenzie for her birthday makes it all worth it. I took the letter from him to take a picture of it secretly. He told me I couldn't read it though because there was a "secret in it". I think the first line is the secret! So CUTE!

"I love you
I will
mack (make)
a brtha (birthday)
ckack (cake)
if I

El (Elijah...I took it before he could sign his name but when he finished I did let him go give it to her)

Me being a total mess at work! Only a portion of my apron...

You can't see the picture very well but this is green paint on my shirt...I'm an idiot some days!


Lyndsey said...

teaching elem. is definitely not all sunshine and roses like it's cracked up to be! but then it's the little things that get us through! that is a sweet little note :)

Jessica said...

that's adorable! It's the little moments that you have to embrace when working with kids who can be horrible sometimes!

I wish you could post the video of the barking child...that's too funny!


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