Girls Trip to Fredericksburg, TX

December 18, 2009

A week ago my friends and I went to Fredericksburg, TX for a "girls weekend" to celebrate Christmas together. We did a lot of shopping and a lot of eating. We went to Becker Vineyards and Grape Creek Vineyards. The first picture is Becker and the second is Grape Creek. I enjoyed both but Becker was by far the best!

By the fire place at Becker Vineyards.

Skipping along after we ate the best hamburgers in TX (said TX monthly!) on our way to visit a bat smelled so bad!

Above the cave/tunnel where the bats live. They don't come out in the winter months though...

In an antique store...very strange!

It was a GREAT trip!

1 comment:

Lyndsey said...

Will and I went to Becker Vineyards and the bat cave too! Fredericksburg is a fun little getaway - so quaint!


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