Tag, You're IT! {edited}

December 20, 2009

Ok, so if you're reading this...consider yourself "tagged". I would love to get to know my readers better! Leave me a comment to let me know that you did it on your blog so I can come visit and read! I have a lot more "readers" than I do "followers" and I would love to visit more blogs!

Did you go to college? Where did you go? Graduation year? Major?
I went to Baylor University in Waco TX. I majored in Art History and graduated in May 2008

Do you have kids? Are you planning on having kids? How many?
I do not have kids. My husband and I do want kids (probably three) but are going to wait a couple of years to start a family. I think I want to have two kids and adopt a third...probably from Colombia. Adoption is something my husband and I feel very strongly about.

What do you do for a living?
I am an elementary art teacher. I teach kindergarten through 5th grade so I get to work with the whole school minus the pre-k kids. I actually rotate between two schools. I work 6 weeks and one school and then go six weeks at another.

Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have one dog but one of my big Christmas gifts from my husband was letting me get a German Shepherd. We're still trying to find one. So far it has fallen through on two dogs we've wanted. I've now found a third and am hoping this is the one. I already have a name picked out if we end up getting him. I really want a dog that will make me feel safe while Jonathan is working late.

Feel free to ask other questions as well!

(P.S. can Rachel O'Shields please get a blog so I can follow it! Ok, thanks!)


Someone asked:
"Is [being an art teacher] as fun of a job as I imagine it is?"
Being an art teacher is fun and a great creative outlet as well as a job that at times can help relieve stress (art can be good therapy). On most days I can sit down and work along side the students and just talk to them and get to know them. Of course that all depends on what type of students are in the room. Just add one behavior problem to the group and that changes everything...for the worse. But good days are most days. I cannot think of having to sit at a desk all day. The only time I even sit down is when I'm doing their projects with them. I don't do grades or conduct grades...I don't even take attendance and I can teach whatever I want. I love the freedom in my job.

"How do you like going back and forth between schools every 6 weeks?"
Going back and forth between 2 schools has its good and bad just like most things. Good: change of pace every 6 weeks, if a students just "irks" me I know I can have a break from them for awhile, more freedom from school duties because I'm not hired by a principle but by the fine arts department...just to name a few. Bad: I have two sets of principles and vice principles, I have two sets of coworkers, parents, and students, I have 2 different dress codes to remember, I have 2 sets of rules, regulations, and habits to get use to. Over all though...it's not bad.

Thanks for the questions!


Ariana said...

If I wasn't a stay at home mom I'd want to be an elementary school art teacher. Is it as fun of a job as I imagine it is?
How do you like going back and forth between schools every 6 weeks?

I hope you find a dog you love soon!

Ariana said...

I didn't even think about two sets of parents and coworkers and all that.. I wouldn't like that part.
For some reason even though you wrote kindergarten to fifth grade I only "heard" kindergarten :P lol
I think anything over kindergarten would be difficult from what I've heard from my MIL (she teaches first). She tells me all the time about how one student can disrupt the entire class and how hard it is to manage that.

I have three and I can send them to timeout... I can't imagine trying to control a classroom!


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