January 1, 2010

Jonathan and I's BIG resolution this year is to live off of Jonathan's pay check only. There are a few reasons for this little experiment...

1- we want to see how much we can actually save in a short amount of time by cutting our spending pretty much in half. We don't spend too much now but it will be a nice/fun boost to our savings (not to mention the lovely tax return we'll be getting in a few short months).

2- when we have kids I don't want to work so we are going to practice now although when we do have kids Jonathan will be done with his masters and be making more money but if we can do it now on his income then we will for sure be able to do it further down the road.

we don't know if this is a permanent thing...we'll just see where it takes us!

Moving on...

last night was new year eve and Jonathan and I had a few of his HBU friends over at our house. We watched the count down, drank so wine/beer, shot off some fireworks, watched the cops outside our house because our neighbor got run over...you know, the usual.

YES! My neighbor was RUN OVER last night! (And we DO NOT live in some trashy neighborhood where this kind of thing happens...EVER) Here is what we were able to gather last night. A man and a woman got in an argument. (The woman lives across the street from us, is married, and has a 1 year old son.) Apparently, he was trying to leave after they argued but she stood in front of his truck and he sped off and "grazed" her with his truck in the process! What the heck! And no joke, she was curled up on the ground and the end of MY DRIVEWAY! Everything is fine...now. It was an interesting night though!


Lyndsey said...

ok, i'm glad we aren't the only people that have stuff like that happen! we live in a "nice, normal" neighborhood too, and one day we came outside and the car a few houses down was up on blocks! tires, wheels - gone! what the heck?!?

Rachel said...

Oh my! What a way to ring in the new year!

We've been "living off of" my husband's salary pretty much since we got married. We have a pretty big chunck of student loans that we're (aggressively) paying off with my income. Once those are paid, we'd like to have kids. It's a great plan that works for us, and it leaves me feeling at peace knowing I'll be able to stay home with kids one day without having to make a huge change in my spending.

Cecilly said...

you're neighbors is crazy! haha.
i get chest x-rays to keep my tb in check. i also had to get an ultrasound b/c my doctor found a lump in my right breast, it's just a cyst apparently normal. and ryan doesn't want anyone to know, b/c it's embarrassing, but the engineering dept put him on probation and we don't know if he's getting back in next semester, but he has an interview at exxon this month, so we'll see where God takes us!

Cecilly said...

i had to get a tb skin test when i went to baylor and i tested positive. it could have been just a negative skin reaction to the solution, but i had to get a chest x-ray to be sure there were no cultures in my lungs and take meds for six months. now i have to get a new x-ray every year to make sure it's still not there, b/c the skin test will now always be positive. and i have to have a test for my new job at piper on campus.


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