The Holiday Ends Today

January 3, 2010

Here is a picture of our sweet Paxton relaxing in one of the guest bedrooms. He loves it in there!

New Years Eve pictures at our house that I stole from Tara's Facebook (thanks)

Me, holding the most pathetic sparklers

Seeing what the boys were working on

The girls talking
Tara, Rachel, and Me before dinner on New Years Eve
After we were too cold to be outside we watched the countdown...and the dogs!

Our Last day of Christmas Vacation went like this

-we slept in and let both dogs get in bed with us
-went to church
-went to Luby's (hahahahah)
-came home and took a LONG nap with both dogs in bed again
-grocery shopping

all in all a pretty boring day!

I'm getting SO DEPRESSED (not literally) thinking about work tomorrow :(
kids won't even be there though...thank you God!


Lyndsey said...

why are nobody else's kids coming back tomorrow except mine?? this is so unfair!

Rachel Lillian O'Shields said...

Finally. !

You're welcome. :)

Cecilly said...

Paxton's big!


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