Dog Days

January 17, 2010

I've never done this blog tour before.  It's a first!

1. What pets currently reside at your house?

Perry-  He will be 2 in July.  He is my one of a kind puppy born July 3rd 2008 and came to live with us in September. We rescued him after hurricane Ike (he became lost because of the storm) and have been in love ever since!  We were told by the vet he maybe Cocker Spaniel mixed with Chihuahua.  Whatever he is he is super cute!

Paxton- Was born in November of 2008 we think and came to live with us December 22nd 2009. He is a German Shepherd/Great Dane mix and is truly a gentle giant. He took us a while to warm up to because he is so large and he was a stray...honestly, he didn't know how to be a pet and how to be loved. As it turns out we adopted him the day before he was scheduled to be put down because he had been at the shelter over the allotted days. So sad :( But, he is SOOOOO happy now and smiles all the time.

2. What is one really strange thing your pet(s) does?
Our dogs are besties for sure.  They are both boys but they lick each other all the time.  Perry loves to lick inside Paxton's ears.  Very strange.  They both love to sleep...probably close to 19 hours a day...for real!  Paxton never goes anywhere without his yellow tennis ball, Perry is a hoarder - you never know what kinds of "treasures" you'll find in his cage.  Perry thinks he's a human and loves to cuddle.  Honestly, he has NO CLUE he's a dog.

3. Now fess up here: give us your nicknames for your pets (we KNOW you have them- and we KNOW they're good)! 
Paxton - Pax or Big Dog
Perry - PerryBerry, Perry baby, or little dog

4. Are your pets spoiled or not (grin)?
I wouldn't say "spoiled".  They have no less than 30 toys, they get treats before we leave or when it's bed time, when Jonathan leaves for work the dogs are let out of their cages (where they sleep at night) and get in bed with me, and we take them on walks at night.  Oh, and we cuddle with them a lot!
Fun puppy pictures!


Jessica Hilton said...

They're too cute! I definitely see the cocker in Perry! I don't know what my Bella is, but she's got that same wrinkle in her forehead as your Paxton.

Kristin said...

Hi Emily! Thanks for joining the Kindred Connection today. Your pups are TOO adorable! I love their size difference, but how they are still best buds. So sweet.- Oh! And totally off the subject of your cute furbabies, I just realized that your name is Emily, and your hubby's name is Jonathan. Well, my sister's name is Emily, and she's engaged to a Jonathon too! Crazy, huh? Well, lovely to have you join the party! Hope you're having a great day so far... ~Kristin from Windy Poplars


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