Exciting Plans

January 17, 2010

Jonathan and I had decided we were going to buy a new washer and dryer BUT Jonathan ended up fixing the washer so now we don't need a new set. The money we had budgeted to buy a new (front load) washer and dryer we are now going to use to finish MOST of our DIYing on our house. Here is what we have decided to do thus far.

Finish the office/craft room:

Finish painting all rooms in the house:
-both guest rooms
-hall bath
-master bath

Finish replacing all light fixtures:
-Guest bath
-1 guest room
-entry way (indoor and outdoor)
-dining room

Add molding:
-Living room
-Dining room

Built ins: (maybe)
-laundry room
-dining room

Try to finish the entry way: (maybe)

Here are some of my favorite inspiration pictures. I'm not sure when we'll get to all of this (Spring Break?) but we'll be purchasing pretty soon and that's the best part!

New light in the dining room (I don't really like anything else in the room...just the light)

Entry way ideas:

Molding in the living room:

Built ins for the dining room:

I like this for the master bedroom:

Guest bedroom inspiration:

Built ins I want in the laundry room:

I love almost everything about this hall way area

Its The Little Things That Make A House A Home eclectic hall

Home office / craft room inspiration:

Mrs. Limestone home office eclectic home office

More This eclectic home office

dominomag- eclectic blue bedroom eclectic bedroom


Lyndsey said...

I ALMOST bought that stainless steel desk in the office/craft room picture but it was too big! it is so cute and feminine yet industrious! i love the built-ins idea, i would love to have built-ins someday.

Lyndsey said...

IKEA - online the measurements seemed fine but in person it was HUGE so maybe they have more than one size and that's all they had out at the time?!? it is really cute in person.

Rachel said...

Oh my, what pretty rooms! That last one is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you guys do...you MUST share photos :)

Rachel Lillian said...

I have that mirror in the home office/craft room...the ornate black one. Hob Lob [yes, that's my nickname for Hobby Lobby. Keep up, Em] for like $20! :)


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