Guest Blogger #1

January 28, 2010

*I saw this done here and decided to steal the idea...

I am proud to announce my first guest blogger: My husband! Mr. Jonathan Powell. For your enjoyment he is going to list 50 things about himself :)

P.S. I totally forgot that on the 19th of January we had been married a year and a half!

(P.S.S This is his first time to blog)'s all Jonathan from here on out

1. I wish I didn't have to work. Not because I don't like what I do. I just rather stay at home all day with my wife.

2. I'm obsessed with cars.

3. I love my Jeep. I've wanted one since I was 16.

4. I wish I had a job where I could fix things. I enjoy seeing before and afters, and I like to make things work again.

5. I wish I had time to read more books.

6. When I retire I want to open an animal shelter.

7. I think I would be a good truck driver because I enjoy driving.

8. I love S'mores pop tarts.

9. I've never done drugs.

10. I don't abbreviate words when I text. I think that it is a lazy practice.

11. I want to go to Moab. (for the Jeep Safari)

12. I can't wait until Emily and I have kids.

13. I'm going to be a Principal one day, and I'm kind of excited about it.

14. My best friend is my wife.

15. I love my mom's stew and cornbread. My wife doesn't like stew or cornbread.

16. I know a lot about all current cars. Test me...

17. I wish Emily and I owned some land.

18. I want to see all of America.

19. I want to go to Big Bend.

20. I love post apocalyptic novels. The Road and Alas Babylon are my favorites.

21. The best contemporary American writers are Cormac McCarthy, Tim O'Brien, and Jon Krakauer in my opinion.

22. I wish I was a better guitar player.

23. I'd be a bum if it wasn't for my wife.

24. My hair was once down to my shoulders.

25. I was number 17 in my high school class, but my wife beat me (she was 11).

26. I hate doing laundry.

27. I love music.

28. My favorite bands/artists are: Led Zeppelin, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Ryan Adams, and Wilco.

29. I drink a 6 oz. cup of coffee every morning out of a whataburger "nickel coffee" cup that Emily thinks is Hideous. I love it (It looks like a mini beer stein).

30. I secretly hope Emily's blog will take over the world.

31. My two best friends are dating each other (and they both read this blog...Holla) (Oh yeah, they are not both guys)

32. My nickname in high school was J-Bear.

33. I was "Most Admired" in my high school graduating class.

34. I was Freshmen "Lord" at HBU.

35. I admire my grandpa more than any other man. I try to live my life with him in mind.

36. My favorite animal is the orangutan.

37. I'm a sucker for cupcakes especially yellow cake and chocolate icing.

38. I changed my major five times in college and still graduated in 4 years.

39. I love being an uncle. I have three really cool nephews and three really cool nieces (those numbers are soon to grow).

40. I love craigslist.

41. I'm pretty conservative.

42. Every morning when the school says the pledge over the announcements, I actually say it out loud and during the moment of silence I actually pray.

43. I would do anything to make sure my wife could stay home once we have kids. That is something important to her, so it is important to me too.

44. I have two cool dogs. We rescued both of them and they are great pets.

45. I enjoy going to church every Sunday.

46. I never, never thought I would be a football coach.

47. I love fishing.

48. I enjoy cooking dinner every night. It is oddly relaxing for me.

49. I teach High School English 3, coach JV soccer, and Freshmen football.

50. Emily has a blue satin pillow with a huge bow that I secretly hate (shhh....don't tell her)

Thanks Jonathan!


How to Date said...

"My best friend is my wife."

This one made me feel awww :)

Lyndsey said...

hahaha I'm so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't abbreviate texts!!!

Rachel Lillian said...

Bravo, J.P. I have some thoughts on your answers...

6. I hope that I am rich and can help donate to your animal shelter. Also, I want to be in charge of the Huskies. No, Emily, not because I'm an HBU freak, but because they are beautiful.

23. Proof: your hair style Freshman year of college.

29. Did I tell you I got a Keurig for Christmas? I love it.

34. And Erik is still jealous about it.

48. I agree.

Nice job J Peazey and good idea, Em!



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