January 6, 2010

Not only have I been all over the WORLD today (& by world I do mean every corner of the Humble Independent School District...I went to 4 elementary schools today!) but this post is all over the place.

Let us begin where I left off last post...Paxton. He's a great dog and I love him but he IS BIG. If you've met him and seen the size of his paws you know. Well, just like tiny Perry, Paxton gets excited and when he does it can be painful. Example number one: he tries to climb in my lab on the sofa and instead CLAWS me behind the ear...and I cry. Example number two he tries to climb on my lap on the sofa and instead PAWS me right on my nose...and yes, I cry again. So, in two days I have cried 3 times because of Paxton. One from emotional distress and two from just pain. What fun!

Onto shopping at Target. I bought these fun decals to go in the laundry room once we've added built ins. I hope they look as good as they do in the picture...we'll see.
Ok, well I bought the long blue dress at Target and I LOVE it but I got the shorter dress at Marshall's...I really like it too so I had to clump it in with my recent purchases. I plan to wear the shorter dress to Cecilly's rehearsal dinner and I'm super excited about it! (even though that is in July)

I bought super cheap bubble bath at Target to go in empty wine bottles that I now have in our well stocked, guest friendly hall bath. Seriously, we have everything you need: soap, shower gel, travel deodorant, new tooth brushes, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, lotion and clean towels and wash cloths as well as plenty of TP. You should come visit :)


Lyndsey said...

The first week we had Rowdy, he busted my lip open TWICE being too rambunctious. Big dogs are HARD.

Rachel Lillian said...

I love the dresses! And the soap for my bathroom. Thanks! :)

Jessica said...

I love the wine bottle bubble bath idea!!

I have big dog too who used to jump, step or scratch me pretty often. Slowly I was able to teach him to stop some of those habits....I either stick my hip or knee out when I see him coming.


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