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January 5, 2010

Jonathan coaches soccer now. This is his first year doing this and without saying too much it will probably be his last. For us it is just not worth it. Right now he is at a game he didn't know he had until yesterday so the last time I saw him was 6:30 this morning and he has another all day soccer thing on Saturday! UGH! Anyway, back to today. Since he's not home I had to take care of both dogs today when I got home from work. I'll just hit the high points...

Pax threw up 4 times! I nearly threw up myself trying to clean it up. I'll spare the details but it was BAD!

Perry and Pax are hard to feed at the same time everyday but today was even worse because I'm feeding Pax small portions to see how he's handling the food but the guys hungry. When I say, "NO PAXTON" for getting into Perry's food Perry thinks he's in trouble and runs to his cage. While I try to get Perry out of his cage Paxton is trying to look into Perry's cage as well wondering where his best friend went. He's knocking me over in the process and in all the confusion Perry can't eat. Perry finally eats when I lock Pax out of the bedroom...I am currently making Paxton white rice to mix with his dog food so it is easy on the tummy.

It's pretty ridiculous that feeding 2 dogs brought me to tears...seriously! I just wish Jonathan was home already!


Tara. said...

i completely understand. when we first got sammy, i found myself in tears several times after work when i was alone with him! i cant even imagine cleaning up a 60lb dog's throw up. i'm sorry. =/

Cecilly said...

I'm sorry. I hate it when tiny coco's sick, I hope you have a better day today!


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