January 11, 2010

Organization is my friend. Lately my office/craft room was neat but not really organized in a way that I could really use. I still need a bigger desk and I eventually want to take the love seat that is in here, put it in the master, and get a bed in here but for now it works.

I use the easel when I'm making my baby announcement signs (as seen here) because my desk is actually a vanity and super small. I need a craft table ASAP!

Here's another view of the room and the love seat...I think the love seat would look really cute in the master!

BUT, the best of all is the closet. All my craft supplies are now at my finger tips. I use to have all of my most commonly used supplies on the top shelf in the closet which made NO SENSE! Now, I can get to them very easily!

These shelves now have items not used as often. Jonathan says he'll make me built ins one day...we'll see when we get to that!

1 comment:

Kris Norman said...

Cute set up! And I have that same card holder thing that you have above your desk :)


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