What's in a Name (for Cec)

January 18, 2010

My friend Cecilly recently left a comment on a post I wrote. In the post I said that I wished I could be a professional baby namer and she said I could name her kids. The boys initials needed to be RAM (because those are her fiance's and soon to be father in laws initials) and the girl's needed to be CEM (because in July those will be her initials). I took her up on the challenge, for fun really, and came up with a HUGE list of names! Here you go! (this list in no way represents my favorite names, they're all straight from baby name books, and probably doesn't Cec's either but oh, well!)

Boys: RAM
Reece Allen/Alan (her fiance's middle name)
Reid Allen/Alan
Rhet Alexander
Rider Abbott
Riley Alexander
Rohan/Rowan Andrew
Roman Alexander
Ross Abner
Royce Abram
Ryan Abner
Raiden Alexander
Rainer Asa
Reeve Austin
Rhys Alexander
Rylan Alexander

Girls: CEM
Calla (as in Calla Lilly) Eve
Caroline Elise
Carolyn Elizabeth
Carson Elaine (her middle name)
Charlotte Elise or Elaine
Claire Elaine
Clara Eve
Colette Elaine
Cora Elizabeth
Caris (pronounced Care-is. Rhymes with Paris) Elaine
Camden Elise
Cara Elaine
Cassidy Elizabeth
Chandler Elise

...this really would be the best job. This and being a professional organizer. Oh, and Rachel...did I tell you that I thought of a name for my soon to be organizing business???


Rachel Lillian said...

No, you did not! Lay it on me... I'm excited!

Cecilly said...

I really like cora and clara and also rhys and rylan, and of course riley! these are great!

Cristina said...

I vote for the name
Ryder Andrew &
Camdyn Elizabeth

the first names are more modern and the middle are oh so traditonal!:)


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