Painted Glass

January 18, 2010

I recently found this blog while reading this other blog and there was a post about painting the inside of glass so I thought I would give this a try. It was free because I already had all of the items in my craft closet so that was a plus. All you do is find a clear glass container, squirt in a lot of acrylic paint, cover the opening of the glass container and shake/pound/roll away until it is all covered. I really like how it turned out! Even though I used jelly jars...not that glamorous but that's all I had to try it out on! So what if they look a bit get the idea ;)


Lyndsey said...

yeah we're up much for sleeping in.

DaniandNick said...

Nick's grandpa used to have a milk company so we have a ton of old glass milk containers with Santowski on them so I tired this and it looks awesome!

Blue Creek Home said...

I love them. They are absolutely charming!

Kathryn said...

They look nice - would never have thought to do this. Thanks for sharing this ideas with us.

Sonia said...

Those are some awesome looking bottles..I use this technique often so that the harsh weather outdoors doesn't harm the paint. Nice touch with twine!


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