Can I start over?

February 17, 2010

This morning just started off so wrong that I think I should have just got back in bed and waited the day out at home. I was leaving about 5 minutes early and thinking I was doing great until I sat down inside my car (inside the garage) and realized, "crap, you don't have your keys". Immediately I knew I had done it again...locked my self out. I. am. an. idiot! Then I thought, no biggie I'll get the key in the back yard. So, I go push the garage door opener so I can walk around to the back gate. The garage door opens about 1 inch and won't go any further. I tried it again and again. Seriously!?! It won't open! Finally, I remember to take the garage door off of the track and just lift the door open's not heavy. Well, the back gate is locked (as always) and like I'm going to climb my own, I couldn't even if I tried. All the horizontal posts to climb on are the inside. That is good for robbers bad for me! By this time I had already called Jonathan and texted him and he was on his way to free me from the garage. Luckily, he works about 5 minutes from our house. The first thing he says to me when he pulls in the driveway is, "good joke you pulled with my shoes this morning!" I look down at his shoes and just laughed. I always lay his clothes out for him the night before and had put 2 different shoes out for him to wear. I didn't know if it was funnier that I put out 2 different shoes or that he didn't even notice until he was already at work! So, I finally got to go to work in the morning and Jonathan got to wear matching shoes! What a disaster of a morning!


Krissy said...

sorry for the crummy start to your day, but Jonathon's mishap is def. worth seeing :)

Cecilly said...

jonathan's shoes-hilarious, your morning-sucko. sorry love.


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