Summer 2010

February 16, 2010

Last night I emailed our travel agent to tell her what we want our 2010 vacation to be like. I think we're going to work our way north to south in Italy.

We'll begin our trip in Venice for 2 nights.

We'll go from Venice to Florence for 2 nights.

While in Florence we'll take a quick trip to Pisa.

From Florence we'll head to Rome for 3 nights.

While in Rome we'll visit the Vatican.

After Rome we'll travel to Sorrento for 3 nights.

While in Sorrento we'll visit Pompeii and the Amalfi coast.

So far, I've planned all of this myself using the Internet and books but we'll see what our travel agent has to say :)


Tara. said...

i am beyond jealous.

katie said...

oooo venice is such a cool city. also, if you get a chance, lake como is incredible (george clooney & versace have homes there). it's a great area to stay if you want to really experience a small italian town not overrun with tourists.

your trip sounds wonderful!! too bad the puppies can't come with you ;)

DaniandNick said...

How exciting, Italy was the BEST trip ever for Nick and I! One thing I would suggest, is since you are an art person and love museums, I would spend another day or two in Florence. There are so many amazing places: Pitti Palace, The Uffizi gallery, The Duomo, and The Medici Chapels just to name a few! Plus, Pisa will take most of a day. Have fun, and let me know how Sorrento is, we didn't make it there!

Lyndsey said...

Yay Italy! I cannot wait to see the Amalfi coast - it looks so gorgeous! And doesn't Pompeii remind you of Jensen??? Remember the Beware of Dog mosaic?! I can't wait to see it in person, ha!

Elena said...

Hi! I'm Elena, I'm 40 and I live in Florence, Italy! If you need any help or suggestion for your italian holiday I'll be glad to help you :)
Hugs from Italy


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