Conversation w/ Landen

February 5, 2010

(Landen is a 5th grader)

Me: Are you wearing cologne?
Landen: Yes! Finally someone notices!
Me: (trying not to laugh)
Landen: I've worn 3 kinds all year and you're the first teacher to
Me: You wear 3 kinds everyday?!
Landen: No!
Me: Do you wear it for the teachers?
Landen: For whoever


Rachel Lillian said...

Going through 3 kinds of cologne in one year? Yikes. It appears that we have a little Rico Suave in the making.

DaniandNick said...

That's awesome! Students crack me up...conversation with Micah(one of my 7th graders):

Micah: Mrs. Santowski, I have been single my WHOLE life!

Me: Micah, you are 13.

Micah: I KNOW! I don't think I will ever have a boyfriend!

Beth and Marley said...

So, my bosses daughter and I had a very similar conversation only it was about her hair clips. She wears the "sparky" (her word) ones when she goes to daycare so everyone will like her. She's 6! Gotta love 'em!

Rachel said...

Hilarious :)

I have a boy in my class who wears cologne a lot. It really gets to me somedays and gives me a headache, but I still laugh since he's 9 and wearing a gallon of cologne to school!


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