He cracks me up!

February 4, 2010

My husband never ceases to amaze me with his humor. Like today, he sent me this email about the benefits of owning your own chickens along with a link to the following photo:

"Benefits of a chicken coop:

Fresh eggs

Saving money (because we can eat the eggs and eventually the chickens)

Our neighbors will probably appreciate the country sound effects that will echo from our yard.

Perry and Paxton will have some new friends/toys to play with

Just an idea.... "

Mind you, he is totally kidding.

I wrote him back, "Maybe someday" and this is what he sent me back:

"Maybe a goat then.


I never have to mow the backyard.

Paxton would have a full size friend to play with.

He could eat our crappy blue walmart hose.

He would probably do a better job of guarding against intruders then our dogs."

I cracked up!

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Lyndsey said...

oh my conference went fine...it was really just a formal "we agree" that the student needs to be pulled out for MTA class (for dyslexia) a couple days a week and sign all the paperwork yada yada....

p.s. i'm glad your school is freezing too so i know i'm not alone - something has got to change, i don't take my coat off ALL DAY LONG!


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