Our Valentine's Weekend ♥

February 14, 2010

One of Jonathan's fraternity brothers turned 22 this past week so for his birthday they decided to put some Nascar numbering on his Explorer. He HATES Jeff Gordon and Jeff Gordon's number is 24 so of course all the guys decided on the number 24. All of this is meant to be a "surprise" for the birthday boy. The numbers were WAY bigger than I thought. They put one on the hood and one on both passenger doors. It was hysterical. The birthday boy did think it was funny...even though he hates Jeff Gordon! You can remove the numbers but it's going to be pretty hard! (Tara's husband, also named Jonathan, works for a company that makes these types of signs so he had them made for the occasion!)

On to Valentine's Day!

Jonathan and I headed to Rice Village and went to Gugliani's for a Valentine's lunch after Church. It was so so SO YUMMY! For dessert we went to Swirll and after that we stopped in half priced books for awhile before we headed over t0 the museum for the John Singer Sargent show. It was great!


Tara. said...

how was swirll? i keep hearing that it is amazing but have never been!

Krissy said...

thats hilarious, the Jeff Gordon part :)


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