Beginnings of a Nicer Backyard

March 7, 2010

For the past month or so Jonathan and I have been talking about ideas we have to improve our small backyard. We wanted to build a partial fence to add some storage in our backyard without it being an eyesore. Since we have a city garbage can it is HUGE. We keep it outside because once our cars are in the garage there isn't much room for a large garbage can. Well, this caused the grass to die and that part of the yard gets very muddy. We talked about it this weekend and Jonathan was all of a sudden inspired to just go ahead and build it. I think the total cost was about 60 dollars! Much cheaper than buying an ugly shed!

Here is the side yard before:

And here is the side yard after. A partial fence with a roof and floor so the garbage can AND lawn mover stay off of the grass, out of the mud, and out of the rain! I come up with the best ideas! The best part is that you can't see what's inside of it, you can't see the floor or the roof unless you are by the back gate!

We went to Home Depot to get some price quotes on some up coming spring break projects and these cushions were on sale and the EXACT color I wanted to use on the patio. I couldn't just NOT buy them. All 4 cushions cost 36$. The seat cushions were 15$ a piece and the throw cushions were only 3$ each! We already had the fire pit and the plant stand but I needed a table SO I bought one of those terra cotta things you put underneath your pot plants and put it in the plant stand and VIOLA! A table is born! Yes, I know I need to repaint my outdoor chairs! I'll get to that someday...I want to paint them a fun color and I need to weather proof them.

Below the window I bought this box for 30$ from big lots to keep odds and ends that wind up outside. My "outside shoes", puppy toys, citronella candles, stuff for our tiny camping grill...and yes, we know we need a new grill too!

And, our hummingbirds have found new homes for the winter so I took down the hummingbird feeder to clean it and get it ready for the summer and put up this fun star light...thing. I won this at my art team Christmas party and I LOVE it! It will have to find a more permanent home elsewhere on the porch once summer comes but for now I like it just fine there.

Coming in the next few weeks or months are 2 more trees (Jonathan REALLY, REALLY wants to add trees. Him and his grandfather have been discussing the tree selection at Lowe's pretty much since the day we moved in.) We saw a pear tree (I think) with BEAUTIFUL flowers to go along with out tiny baby lemon tree and we also want an herb garden (be jealous Rachel) for Jonathan's cooking and to keep away bugs. (mint is said to keep bugs away FYI) Oh, and we still need to put up our hammock that we already have!

I know Lyndsey has recently revamped her backyard but has anyone else? I need more ideas!


Lyndsey said...

I need to get a compartment thing to put outside too to hide junk. I've seen some cute ones at target but I think they were wood and Rowdy would destroy it in like 2.5 seconds, blah. What is y'alls made out of, I can't tell. Is Paxton a chewer?

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Very smart idea to hide the garbage can and lawn mower!! It's looking ready for a great party in your yard!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Hey emily thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! The scrapbook thing is Project Life at It so cute and much easier to keep up with than regular scrapbooking!!

Ashley Raven said...

Jonathan is so handy! It looks great Milly!

Jessica said...

great idea!!

Denise said...

Following you over from The Shabby Chic Cottage. I am a follower!
Please stop by!

Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

Great post!!! I am your newest follower!


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