Feeling Fabulous

March 30, 2010

Nothing can bring my down guys! I'm in such a good mood!

Here is why I'm happy:

Because this is what I look like in a swimsuit...just kidding! {I wish} I am ordering these J Crew swim suits. The first one I am buying both pieces in this color and the second one I'm only buying the bottoms because I already have a top to match.

If you remember I already bought these swimsuit tops at target to match bottoms I already had...I really like mixing and matching my swimsuits. Usually a print with a solid or two solids of different colors. I don't really care for matchy matchy swimwear. For example, I would be completely fine wearing the peach colored top with the dark bottoms (pictured above). Doesn't bother me.

Conversation with 2 third grade girls
Tanner: Did your boyfriend get you that? (asking about my phone)
Me: I don't have a boyfriend
Anne Marie: awwww...sad
Tanner: Wait, I thought you had something
Me: I have a husband...I'm married.
Anne Marie: Oh, did you get engaged!?
Tanner: No! She's MARRIED Anne Marie.
Anne Marie: Oh...
Me: I show them a picture on my phone of my husband and I. I also showed them a wedding picture on my desk.
Tanner & Anne Marie: Awwwwwwwww
Me: Even 3rd grade girls are sappy...

I may have also told this class, "boys are here to make girls happy". Sorry, but the boys might as well learn early. Especially the ones that don't have sisters.

I'm not sick! My doctor put me on 3 NEW medicines and I feel great! (down side: my prescription count is now up to 4...UGH!)

Tomorrow is my last day to work! Yay Easter!

My students are working so well. Their art work is looking great and they aren't acting like maniacs! The same kid drew both of these (a third grade boy). The second one cracks me up. This is why we can't say as art teachers, "draw whatever you like!"

I wore my favorite Baylor shirt to work today! I love working somewhere where we can wear casual clothes! I did wear a skirt with it though.

I overheard this in the hallway:
"You know who is the nicest specials teacher? Mrs. Powell."

...um, I didn't know my students thought I was nice. I've never really cared what my students thought of me. I know that sounds mean but if I was the nice teacher we would all wind up with more paint on ourselves than we already do. But...it is good to hear that they like me and my class.

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Rachel Lillian said...

Aww! I wanna be in Mrs. Powell's class!


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