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March 29, 2010

So, every month all of the elementary art teachers in the district get together and have art share meetings. This months was really fun because we got to make "found object" art. I made a rain cloud mobile out of yarn, a twig, thin wire and big sequins! I loved it and it now hangs in one of my classrooms!
Also, the elementary art teachers have a HUGE art festival every year. My booth, along with my co-worker Terah, is a public sculpture booth. I let my class work on the example. Terah cut out the Styrofoam man and my students painted it. Some 5th graders worked on it but it isn't done yet...I need to focus them a bit in their design.
{Random happies!} YAY! One of our plants in the front yard is blooming!
I bought these shoes last week and they broke while I was at work today...ugh
...nothing a little masking tape couldn't fix (for the time being). I almost wore a skirt today with these shoes...good thing I didn't.
I decided to wear jeans instead. You couldn't even tell I fixed them. And yes, I can wear jeans and sandals to work everyday! Being a teacher has its perks!

I had to go to the Dr. after work today. When I got to the Dr. I realized I had yellow paint all over my feet AND yellow and blue paint all over my jeans! Dang it!

Oh, and the Dr. put me on THREE new medicines! I feel A-MAZING! But, he wants to draw blood (10 vials...no way I'll make it through that) to do more allergy testing! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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