Finding a Style

March 18, 2010

I feel like I haven't really found my "style" yet when it comes to home decorating. I just buy what I love and I don't want my home to look too eclectic but I do want it to look "homey". I love Pottery Barn and Anthropologie style. If my whole house was too Pottery Barn it would be too beige but if it was too Anthropologie it would be too busy.

I like classic items but I also like a little flair and a little surprise as well. I do buy stand in items until I can find the perfect fit. For example, take my mantle and master bedroom dresser area. I'm still working on finding what looks perfect so I have stuff there that I'm OK with but not in love with. I'm a perfectionist but I don't want a blank-unfinished look in the mean time...which drives my husband crazy. He thinks if something goes on the wall it should just stay there. Silly boy!

I tend to find inspiration pictures and try to work towards a goal. If I don't have a goal I tend to go in a million and one directions! I rather be shopping for a specific item for a specific spot than to just grab stuff and have nowhere to put it. Although, just because I have an inspiration photo that doesn't mean it has to match exactly...I usually find a few items that will work in our space. I've posted a few inspiration photos before here.

Ugh, I have decorators frustration!

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Anne said...

I know what you mean...
And being limited by our budget, I just make to 'make do' most the time with what we have or what I can reburbish.
Mostly I just want our home to be a place we love coming home to and where we feel happy & comfortable.


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