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March 11, 2010

An old high school friend of mine recently posted about having "baby fever" (I often borrow blog topics from others - thanks Danielle) and I totally understand. (Hopefully this post will get it out of my system...just skip if you're not interested.)

Jonathan and I have only been married a little over a year and a half but I already want babies. Yes, I know this is soon and we're not planning to have them yet (I don't want a full time job when I have kids) but I can still think about it. I am very unlike my friends Ashley and Rachel who don't even know what they want to name their, I have a whole list of names ready for me and Jonathan's little ones! In addition to my addiction to baby names I think about nurseries and their little clothes.

I blame my sickness on the gaggle of nieces and nephews Jonathan and I have. Currently we are up to 6 but we that will soon be 8. Geez, that is a lot of babies. Also, I know about 10+ people that are currently preggers. I'm not even exaggerating!

I'm not one of those people who won't tell you the baby names I like because I'm scared you'll steal them...whatever. Plus, my list changes daily!

Here is my baby naming criteria: (yes, I have criteria although, I understand it is not the same for everyone)
1. Names need to honor someone
-a family member
-favorite character in a book
-someone you admire
-or, if it is a first name it could just be a name you really like!

2. Middle name needs to be traditional
-a family name
-in honor of someone
-has some type of significant meaning
-I typically don't like trendy middle names
-I'm ok with double first names or double middle names. I'm ok with going by your middle name if you have a family reason for doing so.

3. The name should be unique
-if the name is in the top 100 names I will not use it.
-I don't like names with unique spellings. Emmalee is still Emily people. (I'm not hating on Emily, that's my name)

4. The name can't make me think of a bad student(s)
-I'm a teacher and once a kid has ruined a name for you their is no hope for redemption
-The neighborhood my school was in last year had "Emerson" home builders. I used to love the name Emerson...not anymore. I hated my job last year!

With all of this criteria floating around in my head it is hard to settle on a name I love. PLUS, I am the sixth generation "Emily" in my family and if I don't carry on the name then it will stop. That's too much pressure on me...especially after 6 generations so I'm trying to get using Emmeline or Emilia but then I think, "do I really like those names or do I just feel forced to use them". My grandmother's name is Emily Louise so I could combine the 2 and use Eloise. I like Eloise because it's after my grandmother and it's french like my maiden name...I also LOVE Jane (Jane Eyre) and a new name to the girls list is Adair. I know, I have a lot of time to decide!

Boys names are SO EASY. I like Bennett (LOVE this name), Beckett (saw in a home design magazine), and Milam (a good TX name).

Name List:

Milam (my-lum)
Luca (boy or girl)

Favorite baby name websites:


Jessica said...

sigh. I have a crazy case of baby fever. Holding babies used to fix that problem...but now holding babies and seeing pregnant women make me want a baby even more. I'm in big trouble!

DaniandNick said...

Boys names are way easier for me too! I totally feel you on the whole bad student criteria, they can completely ruin a beautiful name.

Tara said...

I have a few baby names picked out too! However, the whole pregnancy thing is still terrifying to me! Lol.

Lyndsey said...

Good thing you don't work at my school or the name Bennett would be ruined forever! I totally get what you're saying - if I ever have a student named Liam I am running for the hills because that's our #1 boy name and I don't want it to be ruined!

Natalie said...

Just found your blog & love it! I'm done having babies & still have baby fever. We stopped after 3, but there are days I question that decision.

I love meaningful, traditional names. My daughter's middle name is my maiden name. It was almost her first, but the hubby didn't go for it. The other name I absolutely loved was Scout. "To Kill a Mockingbird" is my favorite novel & I've alwasy wanted to name a little girl after the characer. Once again, it got vetoed.
I can always hope for grand daughters WAY in the future, right?


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