Spring Fever

March 11, 2010

I took the dogs out the other night and I wasn't cold and all the rain from the other night plus the higher temp. has the crickets and grasshoppers singing. Now, I don't want to actually see these bugs but hearing them means...SPRING has SPRUNG! It was so nice to sit on my new back porch chair cushions, watch the dogs play, and listen to the sounds of spring. I am so excited!

I'm also excited about Spring Break starting after I get off of work tomorrow!

Saturday we're heading to San Antonio for just the weekend. When Jonathan and I get back we're starting our major spring renovations to our house. Here is what we'll be doing: more backyard stuff (trees mainly), installing a new bathroom light in the guest bath, painting the front bedroom, guest bath, master, and master bath, installing built in shelving in the laundry room, adding molding in the living room, and adding wainscoting to our dining room. Phew...I'm tired just writing all of that...better yet, Jonathan will be tired ;)

After spring break much our house will be checked off as done (not all, but most!)
Done = front bedroom, red bedroom, guest bath, living room, dining room, laundry room, and kitchen. I'll still need a few finishing touches in the master and master bath...the office needs an overhaul but that will wait!

I can't wait to post my updates after Spring Break! I'm pretty excited!

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