My Monday

March 9, 2010

Yes, I know that yesterday was Monday and boy, was it was a long day!

Let's just hit the high points shall we:

I wrote 5 office referrals. Emailed one parent and called 4 parents. Calling parents is never easy to me. They think their babies can do no wrong...And, think about this. A normal teacher may have 1 or 2 serious behavior problems per class. Well, I see every class in the whole school so per day I see 5-10+ behavior problems. Just because their in art doesn't mean they act any better.

I'm in a portable at one of my schools and they were doing testing in the room next to me so I had to keep my kids silent because these walls are paper thin...the kids hated me for this and they let me know. It was a battle to keep these kids quiet! I wanted to pull out my hair!

A first grader spilled her paint water. Ugh! This hardly ever happens but when it does I just shut down...I get so angry. I don't yell at them because its an accident. First graders are known for their short attention spans and paying little attention to their actions...I know this but inside, I just want to scream because it is such a huge mess. I don't scream...but I want to.


Summer said...

Wow sounds like you sure did have quite a Monday! I bet your a fab teacher....
Have a great day
Summer :0)

Lyndsey said...

1. We just used a glaze you would typically put on after you paint to make it shiny. It works really well.

2. We measured a foot for each stripe to make it easy. We used a ruler and marked along the wall. Then when we were taping, we used a level to check the lines.

FYI: it doesn't look even when you tape it off because you have a 12 inch space you're painting, about 1 inch of tape on top and bottom, and 10 inches of space you're not painting. Does that make sense? You'll see when you do it.

Good Luck!


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