What do you do for fun?

March 24, 2010

I'm kind of interested in what other couples do for fun. I think Jonathan and I need some new ideas.

Activities I dislike:

Sporting events...ugh, not so much. I'll occasionally go to Jonathan's games or practice but that's enough for me and him being a coach lets him get MORE than his fill of sports. He's pretty much over the whole coaching thing.

Jonathan LOVES going to the movies...honestly, I'm not a huge fan. Four years of our relationship was long distance and I just felt (while we were in college) that movies were a lousy way to spend time together. So, now I feel like I'm still in that mind set. If you DON'T want to spend time with someone go to the movies...at least that's what I think.

I'm not particularly fond of theater or the ballet...even though I danced for nearly the first 20 years of my life...Jonathan and I get bored very easily. Only BIG musical, ballets, or theater interests me...like the Lion King, Cirque, or Chicago. Maybe that's lame but I don't really care and I'm pretty sure they don't interest my husband at all.

Activities I like:

Travel - Duh! Who doesn't. We want to stick to 2 trips a year. One big and one small...at least that is the plan.

Random driving - Sometimes when we need to relax and just talk we'll hop in the car and just drive around. We have some of our best talks in the car. I think that came from dating in high school and only having 100% privacy to talk, without our parent listening in, while we were in the car. Now that I'm older I know our parents probably couldn't have cared less about listening in on our conversations but it is still a habit now I guess. We also just like to explore sometimes.

Concerts - The times are few and far between that someone we both actually like comes to Houston but it is still fun!

Museums - I have an art history degree and I teach art so take me to an art museum any day and I'll be happy. I'm lucky because Jonathan enjoys them too!

Going on walks - Great talks and good exercise. It's a win win!

EATING! - Yogurt, cupcakes, Chachi's, La Madeleine...we love trying new places or going to our local favorites! Eating is a MAJOR part of our day and weekends!

Picnics and Parks (outdoors) - We both love to be outside when the weather is nice. Using our fire pit is fun! Also, my dad has a sail boat and is a boat captain so we like to go sailing.

Camping - And by camping I mean renting cabins in TX State Parks. I'm not a huge fan of tents. They're too much trouble and to me, not worth it. We like hiking, grilling, playing with the dogs, and exploring in general.

Home renovations - We work well together and get a lot done! We're a good team. Although, I will be honest and say Jonathan is about 90% of "the team".

Watching TV - Our favorite shows to watch together are Tosh.o, 16 and Pregnant or Teen Mom, Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy, or any type of nature shows like the new "Life" series.

Some of these activities are pretty lame (watching TV...really?) So, I need suggestions! What are good fun things to do for date nights or weekends that I don't already have listed?


Carina the Blogarina said...

This is a good idea for a post! My boyfriend and I also have trouble finding activities that we both enjoy and we don't want to get stuck in a rut. In addition to what you mentioned we also enjoy going bicycle riding together, skiing, or we cook together sometimes to..

Lyndsey said...

ok 2 things, One - I HATE tents too and refuse to sleep in one. Will has been working on me for about two years now and I will not budge. Too close to bugs and they are hard. End of story. Two - Will and I love the new "Life" series too! I'm pretty sure I'll be buying the set when it comes out for my future kids (and myself).

I don't really have many new ideas to contribute - we do pretty much the same stuff as y'all. We enjoy going to bookstores together - we have been known to spend hours in Barnes and Noble with a Starbucks drink and a stack of travel books, children's books, etc. It's fun. Going to the dog park is fun, especially is there is a lake for the dogs to swim in. Regular dates are just fun when they're in groups. We love going to dinner with friends or staying in and cooking, playing Catch Phrase and drinking wine.

Y'all will have plenty of date nights come summertime! I'm jealous!


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