The Allergist

March 25, 2010

Over Spring Break I went to the allergist...that was eventful and I haven't really had the energy to write all of this until now. This is probably really boring so just skip it BUT it is TOTALLY ridiculous and I DO print out my blogs so I figured this needs to go down so I'll remember it for years to come...remember how lame I am that is!

I was getting allergy testing done (56 pricks from my elbow to my wrist and 36 shots just from my shoulder to my elbow) and I got through all of the pricks just fine...didn't feel good but it didn't really hurt.

here is a picture of what the testing looks like on just one arm (they do both). This is a picture from online NOT me.

Then, we got to the shots. She would have to pull my skin and inject the allergen under my hurt. They say it doesn't but I would rather have 36 regular shots than what she was doing. So, I got to the 19th shot (mind you this is after 56 arm pricks) and wasn't feeling so well. I asked them to stop for a minute so I could get some water, I explained I'm a fainter, and laid my head down and boom...I passed out! The nurse said I told her, "I don't think I want to do this anymore" and then I was gone.

here is a picture of the injection portion of the test. Again, this is NOT me. If you don't like needles don't look at this picture.

This is SO embarrassing! Right before I started to feel bad I was reading a book and the nurse told me I was her best patient she had ever had because I wasn't flinching at all...I'm sure she doesn't think that now. They brought me back with terrible ammonia and it was so strong that by the time I woke up I was gasping for air because the ammonia was literally taking my breath away. I'm such a loser. So, I was about 3/4 of the way done with the test and NONE of it counts! Ugh! This sucks. I have to go back next week to discuss it with my doctor. Oh, and after I was better one of my students walked by...Thank God he didn't walk by when I was passed out!

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